Best Wall Mounted Laptop Stand in 2021

Best Wall Mounted Laptop Stand in 2021 [Buying Guide]

Since most people buy laptops to use them on the go, it is necessary for them to find a way to stabilize their computers. The best way to achieve this is by using a wall-mounted laptop stand.

It’s not easy to find a laptop stand that can provide adequate support for all-day computing, particularly if you’re the type of person who drags and drops and types until their wrists and hands ache.

In this article, Crane Stand will go over the best Wall Mounted Laptop Stand with its pros & cons and a buying guide to keep your body healthy while working.

What is a Wall Mounted Laptop Stand?

A wall-mounted laptop stand is a device that is mounted to the wall and provides a means for the user to rest their laptop on the stand at a comfortable height.

The stand can be adjusted to a height that works for the user’s body and typing position. While most people know about these devices as a place to place their laptops while watching TV, they are equally useful as a place to place your laptop when you work on it.

For example, if you work on your laptop for an extended period of time while sitting at your desk, using a wall-mounted laptop stand will allow you to keep your hands comfortable while you work. They provide ergonomic typing positions that will allow you to minimize the pain that may come from prolonged typing on a laptop.

Top Rated Best Wall Mount Laptop Stand Brands

Top Rated 13 Best Wall Mount Laptop Stand Brands

NBGYS Sunter98

NBGYS’ wall mount is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and is very sturdy and durable.

The package contains three components: a laptop tray measuring 230x230mm, a wall mount brace, and long arms.

It can hold a laptop up to 17″ in size. It works with a variety of laptop brands, including Apple, HP, Asus, and Lenovo, Lenovo, Chromebook, and Lenovo.

It can carry a weight of up to 17.6 pounds, making it quite impressive in terms of load-bearing ability.

The mount’s head can rotate 90 degrees, while the arm can turn 180 degrees.

Head tilt can vary from 15 to 75 degrees.

It measures 18.9 inches x 11.42 inches x 8.27 inches and weighs 9.28lbs.

You can now adjust the mount to suit your height and location.

This is a very popular choice for home offices. It can be placed on the wall near your recliner to allow you to work comfortably. Its height-adjusting and swivel factors make it an ideal choice for standing and continuing your work.


  • Ergonomically friendly
  • Plenty of space to store other things
  • All back, shoulder, and arm problems eliminated
  • Both sitting and standing positions are compatible
  • Strengthens and prolongs the life


  • Installation can take time and may require two people.

Bundle Deal Mobotron MS-526 H Wall Mounted Laptop Stand

  • Made from aluminium.
  • The bracket can be extended to support the laptop.
  • It comes with a different mounting option, so there’s no need to drill into your wall.
  • The aluminum tube mount can be extended from 14 to 21 inches.
  • You can adjust the hand control pan vertically or horizontally.
  • For best viewing angles, quick-release levers

Mobotron’s heavy-duty laptop mount is made for gaming laptops that weigh in excess of 3.5 pounds. It can fit most large laptops thanks to its extendable sliding bracket.

It also features a heavy-duty, telescoping aluminum tube design that you can adjust easily from 14 to 21 inches.

It is made of aluminum and is very sturdy and durable. Mobotron’s laptop stand is a premium product that can fit most laptops.

However, the price is quite high when compared to other laptop stands on this list.


  • Premium build quality.
  • Slider bracket extension.
  • Pan for hand control
  • Lever with quick release.


  • The price could have been lower.
Bundle Deal Mobotron MS-526 Heavy-Duty Laptop Mount + Screen Stabilizer
  • Sure-grip laptop deck with extendable rear and front sliding bracket
  • No drilling- make sure the passenger seat rail is flat and the bolt is easily accessible and visible
  • Heavy-duty telescoping aluminum tube (30mm) - can be easily adjusted from 14 to 21
  • Hand-control pan - allows to adjust tray vertically (180°) and horizontally (360°)
  • Two quick-release levers and knob-screws allow users to adjust deck into the best viewing angels

NBGYS Wall Mount Laptop Stand with Mechanical Spring Arm

The premium-quality aluminum alloy material used to make this wall mount laptop stand is strong. This ensures that the item lasts a long time. A wall mount requires drilling and can be semi-permanently installed in your space. It is essential to select a durable item.

It is heavy and can carry weights up to 22 pounds. This makes it ideal for larger laptops and computer screens.

It weighs 8.47 pounds, measures 11.02″x 7.09″x 18.11″. It is compatible with laptops with a screen size of 17 inches or less. It is compatible with other laptop models from different brands, such as Apple, HP, Dell, Acer Chromebook, Google Pixel, or Lenovo.

The head can be rotated 360 degrees and swivels 90 degrees. The arm can swivel 180 degrees.

You have multiple options for adjusting the screen’s position, with tilt options ranging from 15 to 75 degrees.

This product is available in black or silver.

This setup is ideal for both the home and office. This is an excellent choice for architects and designers who require the most space to place their charts. It’s also very affordable for its durability.


  • All ergonomic needs are taken care of.
  • The item’s premium quality
  • Long-term stays
  • Excellent load-bearing
  • Compatible with most laptops used daily
  • There are many options for working.


  • Because it requires drilling into the wall, once installed, you can’t change its position.

Viozon Wall Mounted Laptop Stand

  • Available in two color options
  • Made from premium aluminium.
  • The Viozon laptop/monitor mount is approximately 10.4 pounds.
  • It will fit most laptops and monitors of various sizes.
  • It can support up to 19.8 pounds.
  • The screen can rotate up to 360 degrees.
  • Clean and premium design.

There are many options for laptop stands on the market. Few universal laptops stand on the market.

Viozon is a brand that makes universal laptop stands. This dual-arm laptop/monitor stand can be used as a Laptop mount desk.

Viozon monitor mount and laptop mount work with monitors from 17 to 32 inches, while it can fit laptops up to 17 inches. Basically,

It fits most laptop sizes, including heavy gaming or notebooks.

Viozon mounts can be used to mount both a laptop screen and a monitor screen simultaneously. It can also handle heavy-weight screens.


  • Fully adjustable.
  • Universal
  • Steady Arm.
  • Design that is both minimalistic and elegant.


  • The mount does not fit perfectly with the arm.
viozon Monitor and Laptop Mount, 2-in-1 Adjustable Dual Arm Desk Mounts Single Desk Arm Stand/Holder for 17 to 32 Inch LCD Computer Screens, Extra Tray Fits 12 to 17 inch Laptops (Silver )
  • Universal-- This monitor and laptop mount is compatible with 17-32 inches monitor up to 19.8lbs with VESA Standard interfaces (100x100mm / 75x75mm) such as Dell, Samsung, HP, BenQ, AOC, Acer, LG and 12-17 inches laptop/notebook.
  • Steady Arm-- Made of heavy duty and premium aluminum to guarantee the sturdy and stable, the maximum display weight is below 9kg/19.8lbs, if you find your monitor is a little heavy, the tension adjustment is at the edge, no down problems
  • Adjustable-- The screen can freely swivel 360 degree, and easily adjust the monitor and laptop to the most comfortable position,monitor mounting arm offers 145 degree tilt, the maximum extension length up to 52cm/20.5", reach the height of 43cm/16.9", Laptop mounting arm offers 45 degree tilt, the maximum height up to 42cm/16.5".
  • Fashion & Simple-- Advanced design in appearance and function , and nature aluminum light silver make it looks like very fashion and clean . The arm have cable management feature to organize wires and cables fit neatly behind.
  • Healthy office--Adjust the monitor and laptop to the most comfortable position, helping reduce strain on your neck and shoulder, organize your workspace and improve your work efficiency.

MagicHold 3 in 1 Wall Mounted Laptop Stand

  • Made from aluminium
  • Available in silver and black.
  • It can be used with laptops up to 17″ in size.
  • Compatible with monitors up to 32 inches.
  • Mount tablet/IPad proof up to 13 inches
  • 360-degree swivel, easy adjustment options

MagicHold 3in1 stands are specially designed for mounting three devices. It can hold your tablet, laptop, or monitor.

You can rotate it 360°. You can adjust the height of your laptop; it can support 11- to 17-inch tablets, up to 32-inch monitors, and up to 13-inch iPads or tablets.

MagicHold 3in1 stand is a premium mount that can hold three devices. It is available in two colors: Black or Silver.

It will match perfectly with your iPad or MacBook.

The stand comes without a VESA mounting bracket, but it can be mounted to your tabletop.

It would be great if your tabletop were thicker. The stand is approximately 7 pounds in weight and can get quite heavy after you mount your devices.


  • Better ergonomics.
  • Stylish aluminium design.
  • Large compatibility


  • To mount it, you will need a tabletop 2.5 inches thick
MagicHold 3 in 1 Stand for Laptop and Monitor or Tablet, Laptop/Monitor Desk Stand arm, 360º Rotating, Height Adjustable,Supports Laptop(11-17 inch), Monitor(17-32 inch), Tablet/ iPad Pro(5-13 inch)
  • DEVICES COMBINATION:This versatile stand can hold the following 3 combinations of 2 devices at the same time.- All parts are included in the package to hold any of the following combination.
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Combination 1: Laptop (10-17.3 inch) + tablet(7-13 inch) Combination 2: Laptop(10-17.3 inch) +Monitor (up to 32 inch) Combination 3:Monitor (up to 32 inch) + Tablet/IPAD/Iphone( 5-13”).,
  • STYLISH ALUMINUM DESIGN: Aluminium body and arm is strong to mount 17-32 inches monitor up to 19.8 lbs with VESA Standard interfaces (100x100mm / 75x75mm).
  • BETTER ERGONOMICS: The screen can freely swivel 360 degree, and easily adjust the monitor and laptop to the most comfortable position,monitor mounting arm offers 145 degree tilt, the maximum extension length up to 52cm/20.5", reach the height of 56cm/21.8", Laptop mounting arm offers 60 degree tilt, the maximum height up to 56cm/21.8".
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE OR MOUNTED:Height adjustable from 90-360 in Rolling laptop desk at any angle you want The item can be mounted onto everywhere desk, Bed side, anywhere it can clamp up to 2.5 inch thickness flat edge, Rotating 90 to 360 laptop stand at any angle you want.

FLEXIMOUNTS 2-in-1 Wall Mounted Laptop Stand

  • 2-in-1 laptop stand and monitor
  • The laptop can be used in a range of sizes: from 10.1 to 17.3 inches.
  • Monitor size: Between 10 and 24 inches
  • 360-degree horizontal rotation
  • The tilt angle ranges from -85 to -15 degrees.
  • Premium gas spring hovering system.
  • Durable hardware clamps.
  • It can hold up to 8.8 lbs laptop and 11 pounds monitor.

FLEXIMOUNTS 2-in-1 laptop monitor/laptop arm mount was specifically designed for notebooks or lightweight laptops.

The mount is capable of supporting laptops between 11 and 15.6 inches, as well as 24-inch monitors.

The mount features a VESA hole design that allows you to fit it almost anywhere on your wall. The laptop mount can be adjusted to any position.

Depending on your use, you can adjust it horizontally or vertically.

This wall mount can be installed in a matter of minutes by drilling holes in your wall. The VESA holes are 100 x 100 mm and 75 x 75 mm respectively.


  • Premium Gas Spring.
  • Fully adjustable.
  • This is suitable for notebooks and lightweight laptops.
  • It’s a good value for money.


  • Gaming laptops are not recommended.
FLEXIMOUNTS 2-in-1 Monitor Arm Laptop Mount Stand Swivel Gas Spring LCD Arm Height Adjustable Desk Mounts for 10''-24'' Monitor/ 11-17.3 inches Notebook
  • Suitable Size of Laptop for the Monitor : 10.1-17.3 inches. Suitable Screen Size for Monitor : 10-24 inches.
  • Flexible Aircraft-Grade Arm. 360º horizontal free rotation. Tilt angle:-85°-15°.
  • Premium Gas Springs Hovering System. Durable hardware supports clamp or grommet installation.
  • Laptop Mount Weight Capacity: 1.1-8.8 lbs. Monitor Mount Weight Capacity: 3.3-11 lbs
  • Make Sure that the VESA holes measure 100x100 mm or 75x75mm or the bracket mount can’t be installed.

Fleximounts M10 Laptop Wall Mount

The laptop stand is compatible with most laptop sizes. It will fit almost any size laptop between 11″ and 17.3″. This will work for 99 percent of people since there aren’t many laptops that don’t fall within this range.

Although the laptop stand can hold approximately 9 pounds, I recommend that you keep it closer to 7 or 8. You will need to mount this laptop stand into a wall stud to test the maximum weight, mainly if used for typing.

The gas spring joints make this stand feel almost like hydraulics. It can be moved left to right, up to down, and swivels easily. However, it will not move unless you apply force. With the included Allen wrench, you can adjust how easy it is for the arm to move up or down. The monitor arm will remain in its original position even if you force it downwards by your laptop once it has reached the desired strength.

It takes about 10 minutes to put together, according to most people. This is also true for me. It is sturdy, and some users mention using longer bolts to secure it. The laptop stand will extend quite far from the wall.

It will support the weight of the laptop. Although drywall anchors are possible, they will be less stable and could cause your laptop to fall to the ground. It’s a good idea to have another person help you hold the wall mount while they drill it into the wall.


  • Gas spring joints allow for easy movement
  • It is easy to position yourself.
  • You can quickly raise and lower your prices
  • Attached to a stud, they are very strong
  • All sizes of laptops are accommodated


  • Forcefully typing may cause a slight bounce
Fleximounts 2 in 1 Desk Laptop Monitor Mounts for 10-27 inches LCD Screen or 10-17.3 inches Notebook (for Laptop, Desk Mount)
  • For 10-17.3 inch Notebook/laptop with supplied notebook tray or 10-27 inch monitor without the tray
  • The length of the first arm is 8.5''( 215 mm) and the other arm is 13.9''( 353 mm).Height adjustment through the spring arms, swivel/articulate each arm connection, tilt and rotate at the monitor holder.
  • HASSLE FREE-C-clamp and grommet mount bases are included for easy and quick installation.
  • Adjustable tension: Righty-loosy, Lefty-tighty Allows calibrating to the weight of your laptop
  • Perfect for any work style. Give you the freedom to place your displays landscape and portrait.

Vivo Universal Wall Mounted Laptop Stand for Home and Office

This wall mount is for one laptop arm. This mount frees up valuable desk space and helps you keep your workspace organized. The arm can be attached to either a wooden stud or a concrete/ brick wall. The instructions are easy to follow and don’t require any tools.

It can be used with laptops with screen sizes between 10″ and 15.6″. The device has a maximum load of 9.9 pounds.

The pneumatic arm mount adjusts the tilt from +90 to -45 degrees.

The head can rotate 360 degrees and the arm 180 degrees.

The clamp adjusts quickly to fit different brands of laptops. Your gadget will stay in place thanks to the rubber grip at the platform’s base.

A ventilation spot is provided for airflow and heating.

This product will give your desk a minimalistic appearance. It can be mounted above your desk and adjusted to your eye level. Vivo’s wall mounting is quite affordable compared to other comparable products.


  • A clamp that can be adjusted to keep the device in its place
  • Ventilated tray to stop overheating laptop
  • Installation is simple
  • Premium material that is durable and long-lasting
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Manufacturer warranty for 3 years


  • Only 4.4 lb counterbalance armload
VIVO Height Adjustable Pneumatic Extended Arm Laptop Wall Mount, Full Motion Articulating Notebook Tray, Fits 10 to 15.6 inch Screen, Black, MOUNT-V001GL
  • Counter-Balance Laptop Wall Mount - Clear up valuable desk space with a deluxe single laptop pneumatic arm wall mount. Features tool-less, instant height adjustment, allowing you to find the perfect ergonomic viewing and typing angles. Fits laptops and notebooks 10” to 15.6” in size and up to 9.9 lbs in weight.
  • Articulating Arm - +90° to -45° tilt, 180° swivel, 360° rotation, and smooth height adjustment allow for a variety of viewing angles. Please Note: The counterbalance arm must hold at least 4.4 lbs to work properly.
  • Ventilated Tray - Features an adjustable clamp design that fits a variety of laptop sizes. Rubber tabs keep your device secure and protected from scratches, while the ventilation slots allow maximum airflow to keep your tablet from overheating.
  • Easy Installation - Mounting your laptop is a simple process with the removable VESA plate, and we provide all the necessary hardware and instructions for installing the arm to a wood stud or brick/concrete wall.
  • We've Got You Covered - Sturdy steel design is backed with a 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty and friendly tech support to help with any questions or concerns.

Viozon Laptop/Notebook/Projector Mount Stand

  • Available in two different color options
  • Made from premium aluminium.
  • Compatible with almost all Laptop/ MacBook/ Notebooks
  • This plate can be used to mount monitors up to 32 inches.
  • No dropping problem.
  • You can adjust up to 45 degrees
  • 360-degree rotation

Viozon is well-known for its wall-mount laptop stands. There are many models to fit different notebooks and laptops. This laptop stand is just one example.

This one supports laptops between 12” and 17”. It can be used to mount your notebook/tablet/laptop.

This stand can be used to mount monitors up to 32 inches.


  • Compatible with most laptops and monitors screens.
  • High-quality, steady material.
  • Removable and adjustable.


  • Quite unstable.
Viozon Laptop/Notebook/Projector Mount Stand,Height Adjustable Single Arm Mount Support 12-17 inch Laptop/Notebook/Tablet, Free Removable VESA 75X75 and 100X100 for Monitor 17-32 inch (Silver)
  • Compatibility--This Laptop/notebook Arm Mount fits up to 17 inch compatible with Apple MacBOOK, Surface book, HP, Acer, Sony, Toshiba, Chormebook etc.Extra VESA plate for 17-32 inch
  • Steady&High Quality Material-- Made of heavy duty and outstanding premium aluminum alloy to guarantee the sturdy and stable, no dropping problem.
  • Adjustable and removable --The laptop arm mount can be tilted up to 45 degrees and up to 42cm/16.5''s.You also can change this laptop stand to monitor Stand,The display stand can rotate 360 degrees, can Stay in any position, the arm can tilt to 145 degrees, the maximum extension length of 52 cm/20.5'', up to the height 43 cm/16.9''.
  • Design fashionable and concise-- Advanced design in appearance and function , and nature aluminum light silver make it looks like very fashion and clean . The arm have cable management feature to organize wires and cables fit neatly behind. change the way you think about laptop stand and mount.
  • Healthy and efficient --Adjust the laptop to the most comfortable position, helping reduce strain on your neck and shoulder, organize your workspace and improve your work efficiency.

EZM Wall Mounted Laptop Stand

  • Steel construction for heavy-duty.
  • It has a lip at the bottom to stop your laptop from sliding off.
  • The pole’s diameter is 1 3/8″
  • It tilts, swivels, and rotates easily
  • Height adjustable
  • Flexible arms with three-jointed die-cast joints can be swiveled 180 degrees.

The EZM laptop stand works with all 17-inch laptops. It can hold up to 22 lbs and is designed for notebooks.

For easy installation, it comes with quick-release brackets.


  • Premium build quality.
  • Bottom lip
  • Height adjustable


  • You will pay a little more for the more expensive models.
EZM Notebook/Laptop Arm Extenstion Mount Desktop Stand Clamp with Grommet Mount Option (002-0005)
  • COMPATIBILITY - Lifts the laptop or the monitor to free your desktop space. Laptop/Notebook fits Up to 17" or a monitor with 22 lbs weight capacity. Quick Release Mounting Brackets for easy installation fits VESA 75x75mm or 100x100mm Compatible
  • THE SIZE OF THE POLE - The Diameter of the pole is 1 3/8"
  • FEATURES - Heavy-duty steel platform with bottom lip to prevent the laptop from sliding and ventilation holes to help cool the notebook computer
  • FULL-MOTION MOUNT - Easily Tilts, Swivels, Rotation and Height Adjustable, Die-cast triple joint flexible arms can swivel 180° at each joint facilitating swing in and out of positions and extend up to 16.30"length, Mounting heads tilt (Up/Down) +/- 90°, swivel (In/Out) 180° and rotate (clockwise/counterclockwise) 360°. The height of the laptop arm can be easily adjusted along the pole
  • MOUNTING OPTIONS - With a versatile heavy-duty steel desktop C-Clamp mounting up to 3.90" (10 cm) thickness horizontal surfaces with an option to bolt through the desk, easy to install in minutes

Suptek Full Wall Mounted Laptop Stand

  • It raises your laptop to a new ergonomic height.
  • Easy tilting and adjustable height
  • The VESA hole measures 75 x 75 mm, 100 x 100 mm.
  • It can hold a laptop up to 22 pounds.
  • Integrated cable management design.
  • All necessary tools for installation included in the box

The Suptek laptop mount stand is a wall mount stand that supports heavyweight gaming laptops.

It can be adjusted up to fit most 17-inch laptops. It can also hold 22 lbs, which is much more than a wall mount stand.

This mount is available in three versions from Suptek. This mount has three options: a monitor, laptop desk mount, or a single laptop tray.


  • The maximum holding capacity is 22 lbs.
  • Option for integrated cable management
  • Height adjustable


  • A little on the expensive side.
Suptek Full Motion Laptop Riser Desk Mount Stand with Grommet Option, Height Adjustable (400mm), Fits up to 17 inch Notebooks , VESA 100, up to 22lbs (MD6421TP004)
  • MD6421TP004 notebook desk mount allows you to lift the laptop up from your desk surface to an ergonomic height
  • Easily tilts, swivels, rotation and height adjustable
  • With 75*75/100*100 VESA pattern, you could replace the tray with your monitor (up to 22lbs)
  • Integrated cable management design keeps your power and cables clean
  • All the necessary tools and hardware for easy assembly are provided

9 Plus Wall Mounted Floating Foldable Table

Wall mount laptop stands are a compact and attractive way to add a workstation to your office or home. Let’s take a closer look at the various components.

This wooden wall mount adds a bohemian and minimalistic look to any space. It can be attached to any wall. You can also prop up a chair directly in front of it. You are now ready to go. You can fold it down when not in use to become an element of the wall without taking up any additional horizontal space.

The rectangular block is 9.48 pounds in weight, measures 23.6′”x15.6′”, and can support a load of up to 50 pounds.

It is strong and stable, and it is made from exceptional quality wood.

It can be mounted on any wall, depending on the height. All the tools and screws are included in the package, as well as a detailed manual.

You can use your laptop as a shelf, a rack or mini-breakfast station, and even a bedside shelf.

This is the best choice for those who want a more simple office setup at home. The room looks elegant thanks to its sleek design. Even a snack can be placed next to your computer so you can continue working.


  • It fits perfectly in a small space
  • It is easy to assemble and fold.
  • Installation takes lesser time
  • Multiple uses
  • Large platform space for laptops of different dimensions


  • No clamp secure enough to fix your laptop
9 Plus Wall Mounted Floating Folding Table, Drop Leaf Dining Table Small Wooden Desk for Office Home Kitchen(23.6" 15.6" (LW)), White
  • SIMPLY STYLISH DESIGN: small wall hanging table desk, space saving and convenient to use.
  • SPACE SAVER BLOCK STORAGE TABLE: 23.6"*15.6" (L*W), and weighs 7lb with support around 50lb, stable&sturdy wood storage fitting nicely into narrow space.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE FOLD UP DESK: Strong flat pack, detailed instructions supplied, all parts included, no tools needed.
  • VERSATILE DESIGN: Our drop leaf table is perfect for small spaces like breakfast nooks, It can be folded, opened when used, can be folded when not in use.
  • WIDELY USED: Can be used as a table, Desk, shelves, TV stand use to Office, Bedroom, Kitchen, Living room and so on, whether it is home use or business use is the perfect choice.

Height Adjustable Single Gas Spring Wall Mounted Laptop Stand

  • Made from heavy-duty aluminum alloy
  • Available in two different colors
  • This is suitable for gaming laptops.
  • To move the laptop quickly, it has a gas spring height adjuster.
  • It includes a heavy-duty aluminum arm that will not drop.

A 17.3-inch notebook or laptop can be mounted on the height-adjustable single gas-spring laptop arm.

This is an excellent choice for gamers as it can hold large gaming laptops. You can choose from two different color options: Silver or Black.

This stand is made entirely of aluminum metal and looks luxurious.

It also comes with an aluminum alloy steady arm, which is non-dropping.

The gas spring height adjuster allows you to adjust the angle height according to your preference.


  • Steady arm.
  • Gas spring height adjuster.
  • Premium design.
  • It is easy to assemble.


There are no such cons.

Height Adjustable Single Gas Spring Laptop Arm Mount Support 12-17.3 inch Laptop/Notebook
  • It is suitable for small-sized desktops, allowing the desktop to free up more working space. The laptop will take up a lot of desktop space when working on a small desktop, leaving no room for external keyboard and mouse. This laptop arm solves this problem well.
  • Steady Arm-- Made of heavy duty and premium aluminum alloy to guarantee the sturdy and stable, no dropping problem.
  • Gas Spring Height Adjustable and FuLL Motion -- Easily adjust the laptop to the most comfortable position,monitor mounting arm offers 145 degree tilt, the maximum extension length up to 49.5cm/19.5", reach the height of 13.7".
  • Multifunctional -- this mount to keep your personal laptop off to the side of your desk when you work. It can also raise your laptop to keep your laptop and monitor at the same height, making your monitor and laptop better Collaborative work
  • Healthy and efficient Office --You can use this stand as a display stand or as a laptop stand, adjust the monitor or laptop to the most comfortable position, helping reduce strain on your neck and shoulder, organize your workspace and improve your work efficiency.

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What To Look For in a Wall Mount Laptop Holder?

What To Look For in a Wall Mount Laptop Holder (1)

These days, people prefer smaller spaces. A large number of people have movable homes. This only shows how important it can be to conserve space and avoid clutter.

It is essential to store your laptop and all its accessories in a well-organized manner. A wall-mounted laptop stand is a must-have in your life.

It would be a good idea to have a few things in mind before you buy the item. We’ve compiled the essential points.


A wall-mount stand’s function speaks for itself. However, aesthetics can be beneficial to anyone. Wall mounts come in a variety of colors, but most are black. Black goes well with any wall. If you are interested in a different color, please inquire with the seller.

You should choose a stand that complements your wall and the surrounding area. A wall mount is a professional way to present your home and removes clutter.


Look for a holder that can accommodate the size of your laptop screen. Some wall-mounted stands can only adjust to 15.6 inches. This would make it difficult to clamp your 17-inch screen.

It is essential to read every detail in the product description before making any judgments. Consider factors such as the arm length, head tilt, and base area.

Weighing & Strength

It is a good idea to keep in mind the weight-bearing capacity of your laptop holder. Gaming laptops are heavy and bulky, so most people mount them. Although most wall-mounted stands can withstand heavy loads, not all frames are strong enough. They are more decorative additions to your living area.

You should also check the load-bearing capacity of the wall where you plan to mount your laptop. If the wall thickness is lower, your laptop could fall off the stand. This will increase your costs later.


It is crucial to make a suitable investment. It is important to choose the product that meets all your requirements. Wall-mounted stands can be quite inexpensive in terms of how long they last.

This holder will be a permanent fixture on your wall. We recommend that you choose a holder that is durable and compatible with the wall.


How do I install the Wall Mounted Laptop Stand?

Follow the below steps to get started!

1. Connect the mounting brackets to the laptop stand that you want to use, then screw the brackets into the holes in the Wall Mounted Laptop Stand.

2. Lift your laptop from the padded travel case, then put it onto the metal frame of the stand.

3. Place the Laptop Stand into the designated slot in the bracket that you want to use, then push it through until it clicks into place.

4. Attach the bracket to the desired wall with screws provided.

5. Attach the power cable to the Wall Mounted Laptop Stand, then plug it into an outlet.

6. Attach the USB cable to the Wall Mounted Laptop Stand, then plug it into a USB power source.

7. Attach the HDMI cable to the Wall Mounted Laptop Stand, then plug it into your HDTV.

How heavy is the Wall Mounted Laptop Stand?

I have to say it weighs pretty light, considering that it is made out of metal. The Laptop Stand weighs about 2.25lbs which is very light considering it is made of heavy-duty aluminum.

-The Wall Mounted Laptop Stand looks very sturdy. It is designed to hold your laptop so securely, so I am expecting it to be of great quality.

What do you need to use the Wall Mounted Laptop Stand?

Simply pull it off the wall when you need to use it, and return it back to its original position when you’re done! With this design, you can place your laptop on a table, desk, countertop, bedside, chair, etc. And let’s not forget about where you’ll be placing it after you’ve worked for a while…

Can the Wall Mounted Laptop Stand be used with any laptop?

Wall Mounted Laptop Stand can be used with any laptop! It’s sturdy and reliable, perfect height for use on the desk or on the lap. Wall Mounted Laptop Stand is easy to assemble, allows you to adjust its height from 17-38 inches depending on your needs.

Where should I keep my laptop for the best ergonomics?

Trying to keep your laptop too close to your body can cause muscle strain. Keep the laptop just outside of your natural reach, which is typically between 18 inches and 24 inches away from you. If you’re using a touchscreen, you might want to place it closer to you so that you don’t have to reach out too far for it.


That’s our list of the best Wall Mounted Laptop stands. Each Wall Mounted Laptop Stand has its pros and cons, but one thing’s for sure: You won’t find a better Wall Mounted Laptop Stand than these!

We hope this is helpful and you can find the best one for you. Please don’t forget to share this article with your friends, if you have any thoughts or opinions, please feel free to comment below.


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