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Roost Laptop Stand Review (1)
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With the ever-increasing popularity of laptops, many people are finding themselves feeling neck and back pain because their head is propped up too much. Many laptop users choose to put the computer on a desk or table, but this isn’t always an option, such as when using public transportation or even laying in bed.

Roost Laptop Stand offers a solution to this problem with their lightweight and durable aluminum laptop stand that adjusts to almost any height and angle. Read on our guide to learn more about Roost Laptop Stand!

What is The Roost?

With their first Kickstarter campaign, The Roost was first made public. The basic idea behind the Roost was to create a foldable stand that would raise your laptops higher so you can see it better and avoid slouching.

The Roost’s design has been updated to allow you to adjust the height of your laptops and close it while it is still on Roost stand. There are not many changes, but they have made some great improvements.

It’s simply a flexible stand that raises your laptop from your desk, so your laptops can still be seen at eye level.


Roost does precisely what it says. It lifts your laptops and adjusts your viewing angle. Roost is also very portable and can move around between offices or co-work spaces. It helps relieve tension in the neck and shoulders without putting it on another part of your body.

You get all the benefits of laptops, including portability and a more comfortable experience than a desktop. The Roost is compatible with various laptop types, including the Surface Pro 4, and comes with a handy bag to protect your Roost.


Because of its portability and flexibility, Roost isn’t necessarily the most affordable option. Alternative laptop raisers are available that cost less and can be used if you don’t travel or need to move as much.

For correct posture, Roost requires that you have an external keyboard. Although this may sound obvious, I wanted to mention that the Roost requires you to have more than just the device for it to be used correctly.

Roost Laptop stand Description:

Roost Laptop stand Description (1)

Made in America, the Roost Laptop Stand is the lightest, most portable, and most portable stands for laptops. This portable, lightweight and adjustable stands folds up easily and is built to hold almost any model of MacBook or PC. Roost can be carried in a backpack, briefcase, or laptops bag to go to work, coffee shops, or other places where you need it.

You can unpack it, set it up with an optional Bluetooth keyboard and mouse (optional) and adjust the height to your preference from 6-12 inches to create the perfect ergonomic workspace on the move.

These portable laptops stand is made from high-quality materials and fits perfectly with laptops less than 0.75 inches in thickness. Rubber insets ensure that the Roost is securely in place so you can work and be sure your laptop won’t move while surfing the web or working.

Setup and Use

The Roost comes in a handy little bag that you can carry around with you wherever you go.

Roost can be set up in under a minute. It is straightforward. The manual will be included with your Roost. You can also look at the instructions here.

It is stable and can be moved around, but it will still securely hold your laptops. Although it may not appear like this in the photos, the stands are made from glass-fiber reinforced nylon, a structural metal-replacement plastic, and Delrin high-performance resin. It is likely to last a lifetime.

The Roost Stands is perfect for students, writers, freelancers, and anyone who spends a lot of time on their laptop. It can be used for personal or professional purposes. Its lightweight makes it ideal for digital nomads and travelers.

How can you use the Roost laptop stand?

It would be difficult to understand a text explanation. Instead, you can watch this Roost video on how to collapse, expand, and use the Roost stands.


Homemade stand

A homemade stand is an alternative that I found simple and have used for quite a while. It can be made from any boxes you happen to have to lie around.

You can grab a few boxes on Amazon or go to the supermarket to pick some. Then stack them together to make a stand. Although this is a bit more precise and you may not want to transport it to a cafeteria, it will do the job.

Cheaper Fixed Laptop Stand

If you don’t want to carry a stands, you can also consider less expensive stands. Although they have similar specifications, most are not portable. This may not be a problem if you plan to keep your laptops at home or have another at work.

However, the Roost’s portability is a huge advantage for those who travel frequently and need to carry their computer around with them.

Check out our guide about Building A Laptop Stand:


Roost Laptop Stand FAQs (1)

Is the roost stand worth it?

The roost stand is worth it. It’s lightweight, adjustable, and adjusts to almost any angle. I’ve never had any problems with the stand falling over or putting undue strain on my laptop while using it.

If you’re worried about your back or neck hurt after extended use of the laptops, then the roost stand is worth it. It was comfortable for me after about an hour of using my laptops on it.

What are the advantages of using a laptop stand to hold your laptop?

A stands elevates your laptops so that you can sit more comfortably.

You can use an external keyboard and mouse to make your laptops more eye level and won’t need to strain your eyes as much to be able to use it normally.

What’s the difference between Roost and other laptop stands?

The main difference between Roost and other stands is that Roost has specific surfaces built in to accommodate both the display and the keyboard. Many laptops stand only have a flat surface for the display, and some have a surface for the keyboard as well.

Can I put anything other than a laptop on Roost Laptop Stands?

The Roost Stand is a laptop stand that is adjustable for any laptop to have a good viewing angle. One can also put a phone, an iPad, a water bottle, or a book on the Roost as well.

The Roost Stand is a very versatile stand. When you have your laptop with you at work, you do not have to worry about others taking a look at what you are working on.


That’s our review about Roost Laptop Stand. There are many other laptop stands but we think this one is the best. The price is also reasonable and we think it’s worth buying.

It has three different stand sizes and it is very easy to fit into your bag or suitcase. You can bring it anywhere and just do not forget to bring the roost whenever you want to work on your laptops.

Thanks for reading our review. Hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any questions or you want to ask about something, please feel free to leave us a comment below.