Nulaxy Laptop Stand Review: Compatible with MacBook, Dell, HP, All Laptops 11-16″

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If you are looking for a laptop stand to help make using your laptop more comfortable, the Nulaxy Laptop Stand is an economical option. Made from durable aluminum, this particular stand for laptop has multiple adjustable positions to find the perfect viewing angle for you.

Also, this stand has an ergonomic design that keeps your hands in a natural position for typing, which can help to prevent neck, shoulder, and hand pains.

In this article, Crane Stand will provide you with a complete review of the Nulaxy C1 Laptop Stand and Nulaxy C3 Laptop Stand. Let’s get started!

About the Company

About the Company

Nulaxy was established in 2015. They are experts in various electronics such as tablets, laptop stands, mounts (such as the Nulaxy C1 Adjustable Notebook Stand), peripherals, and many more.

According to the company, they strive to create high-quality products that meet their customers’ needs. This review of the Nulaxy stands for laptop is for you if you are thinking about purchasing one.

Nulaxy C1 Adjustable Laptop Stand

Nulaxy C1 Adjustable Laptop Stand

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The Nulaxy C1 stands is adjustable. You can adjust the screen height to see better. The dimensions of the product are 25.9 x 23.9x 6.4 cm. The product’s metal design can support up to 44 lbs. It will keep your laptop from getting too hot.

Nulaxy states that the C1 can be adjusted to your eye level. You can tilt it or raise it to the desired angle. It is universally compatible with all types of laptops. The Nulaxy C1 stands will fit any laptop regardless of the manufacturer.



The Nulaxy C1 stands are functional and straightforward. It can be placed in any place you need it to. It also features an aluminum plate to cool down your computer. It has silicone pads that protect your computer from scratches and keep it sturdy.

This design is excellent for getting your screen where you want it to 

be. You can use the screen while standing if that is what you prefer.

The aluminum material makes a stand strong and can support up to 44 pounds. The stands will not slouch or tilt out of place if your laptop is placed on them. The stand will not move if you apply additional pressure.

Finally, the stands can be used with all brands of laptops.

How do you use it?

How do you use it

The Nulaxy C1 product can be used in a few simple steps. It is easy to set up at your desk, or anywhere else you intend to use your computer. Once you have it set up, all that is left to do is turn the computer on.

The stands has two hinges. The first hinge at the bottom controls the height of the screen. The angle of your screen can be adjusted by the second hinge. You can adjust the angle and height of your laptop by moving them both. This can be helpful if you work from home.

It is extremely sturdy so it will not tip over while being used. You will still need to use a lot of force to adjust the hinges.

Another keyboard can be easily mounted underneath the stands. This allows you to save space and makes it easier to see the screen from a closer location.

The use of the stands is very simple. It may take some experimentation to adjust the screen’s height or angle but you will be able to find the right setting.

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Nulaxy C3 Stand

Nulaxy C3 laptop stand


Broad Compatibility: Nulaxy’s C3 Stand is the most versatile laptop stand that is compatible with laptops between 10-15 6inches and larger, such as MacBook 12/ 13 MacBook Air/ 13 MacBook Pro 13/ 15 Google Pixelbook Pro 13/15 Google Pixelbook Dell XPSHP ASUS Lenovo ThinkPad Chromebook. It is not designed for 17-inch laptops but (ASIN B077B9W343) it is great for laptops 10-17 3″.

Ergonomic Riser: The MacBook stands raise the screen of your laptops to 6 inches. This will improve your posture, reduce back pain, and increase productivity.

Sturdy & Protective: The stands are made from premium 5mm aluminum alloy and can support up to 8 8 lbs (4kg). Large rubber pads are placed on the top to keep your laptops in place and protect it from scratches and sliding.

Easy, Detachable, and Simple Installation:  The computer stands can be easily disassembled into three parts for compact storage. You can reassemble it with just one step.

Heat dissipation: Aluminum alloy material acts like thermal pads to cool your laptops. The open design and forward tilt angle offer great ventilation and airflow to keep your notebook from getting too hot.

The Nulaxy C3 laptops stand tilts your laptop slightly forward so that the screen is closer to your eyes. The sleek stand converts any table or desk into a comfortable workspace for laptops user by elevating the laptops and putting an external keyboard/mouse in its place.

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Our a laptop stands a good idea?

People who use laptops on a regular basis may find that laptop stands are a good idea for reducing pain and fatigue. They offer a comfortable position for both typing and viewing the screen. They can also be a way to reduce eye strain by raising the screen to a more comfortable height.

The downside of laptops stands is that they tend to be expensive. The Nulaxy C1 and the Nulaxy C3 Stand are well-built, but they are also fairly expensive.

How do I choose a laptop stand?

The best way to choose stands is to determine the features that are most important to you. For example, what type of device do you want to use with the stands? Do you need to store other items on the stand? Is the height adjustable?

Does a laptop stand help posture?

According to research conducted at Newcastle University, stands may improve posture because they provide an active way to hold the laptops. The study included 50 students who used regular, portable stands to hold their laptops.

After using the stand for a week, the students’ average posture improved and their perceived stress levels dropped. The study also found that frequent office workers may benefit from standing instead of sitting.


That’s our review about Nulaxy stands for your laptops. We hope that it will help you and save you some money! If you know any other stands for laptops that are worth getting, please feel free to tell us. We would like to get more reviews on laptop stands so that the readers will know more!

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