Top 10 Best Laptop and Monitor Stand 2022: Single, Dual, Startech, Viozon, Ergotron

The 10 Best Laptop and Monitor Stand Viozon, Ergotron, StarTech
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Working from home can be a challenge, but for those with a desk full of equipment such as a monitor, laptop, and printer, it can be challenging to find the space to do everything you need to work.

The old solution was to find an under-used workspace or work from a cramped coffee shop, but now there is a quick and easy solution: Monitor Arm With Laptop Stand.

In this article, Crane Stand will explore the best monitor and laptop mount to find out which one is right for you.

Top Rated Best Mon­i­tor Arms With Lap­top Tray

Top Rated 9 Best Mon­i­tor Arms With Lap­top Tray

Sale Laptop Monitor...
81 Reviews
Sale Laptop Monitor...
81 Reviews
viozon Monitor and Laptop...
414 Reviews

Ergotron LX Stacking Dual Monitor Arm

The Ergotron LX Stacking Dual Monitor Arm is an excellent option if money is not an issue. This arm is extremely strong and can hold two monitors of up to 24″ in size, each weighing 20 pounds. You can also raise it to 25 inches from your desk. It can rotate 360 degrees, 360 degrees swivel, and tilt 70 degrees backward and forward. It also comes with a 10-year warranty.


  • Very sturdy construction quality
  • 10-year warranty
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Support for dual monitors


  • Very expensive
  • Monitors that are heavier or wider than the recommended weight cannot be supported
Ergotron – LX Vertical...
988 Reviews

StarTech Single-Monitor Arm with Laptop Stand

Best laptop and monitor arm

Startech is another manufacturer that puts all of its efforts into delivering the best office supplies. The best VESA laptop mount with a full-motion, articulating arm will be an excellent addition to your workstation. Dual display stands make it easier to work on two devices at once.

It can hold 17.6 lbs and supports monitor sizes between 15-inches and 17-inches. The stand can also support the same weight and is sturdy. The best laptop arm mount can be raised to increase productivity. This arm allows you to rotate your monitor 360 degrees. The laptop can also be tilted up to 90 degrees.

The equipment comes with a 5-year warranty. There are many cables involved in using a laptop and monitor together. Cable management clips are unique and hold all cables together to prevent them from getting tangled.


  • It is very easy to adjust.
  • The arm of the monitor is strong.
  • The VESA mount can be used with different types of monitors.


  • The arms will lean slightly if the hardware is very heavy.


The company’s only laptop and monitor stand, the ARMUNONB Stand, is available. While it fixes some of the mistakes made by the product above, it also creates a lot of its own.

This monitor stand can support screens up to 15 inches long. The length is not as long as some of the products mentioned above.

It is what it is. The stand can support weights up to 17.6 pounds. Make sure that your monitor is not heavier than this limit. The stand can hold sizes up to 75 x 75 mm or 100 x 100 mm. The monitor stand is pretty basic.

The laptop arm can hold hardware up to 17 inches long. It’s possible to go a little too far. StarTech ensures that your laptop does not tilt even when it is an inch or less large than the limit.

On either side of the stand, there are two hinges. The problem is that the rubber on the hinges is missing. There is rubber next to the hinges.

Your laptop will come in direct contact with the stand’s metal frame. You could scratch the laptop’s finish if you aren’t careful. The laptop’s weight limit is the same as that of the monitor. The maximum weight for the laptop is 17.6 lbs. you can use the best laptop arm for desk separately.

Two versions of the StarTech Armunonb are available. You can choose between the full motion spring arm with a free rotation about its axis or the articulating arm. This allows for a 360-degree rotation about the monitor arm’s centerline with a tilt of +90deg or +85. You can adjust the tilt horizontally or vertically of your laptop tray from 90 to 120deg.

Durable aluminum is used to make the body of this mount. The mount has a silver finish along its arm’s length and a black plastic-like finish at the connections. StarTech offers a 5-year warranty on aluminum for peace of mind.

The ARMUNONB has only one mounting option. The stand comes with a C clamp, and that’s it. You can use it with a table that is at least 3.5 inches thick.


  • It is easy to adjust.
  • Durable aluminum material.
  • There are two types: articulating or full motion.
  • VESA mounts are compatible with a variety of monitors.


  • With heavier hardware, it can lean a little.
  • There is only one mounting option.
Sale Laptop Monitor...
81 Reviews

Viozon 3-In-1 Monitor Arm With Laptop Stand – Premium Pick

Viozon’s monitor arm aims to make mounting options easier. Each of the options we’ve listed has something in common. This monitor is unique because it can be mounted on more than one monitor. This means that you have a dual-screen setup and a stunning third-screen mounting option.

Rubber pads are placed on the base and hinges of the tray to protect your laptop. The adjustable hinges are strong enough to secure larger laptops. Alignment is an obvious problem with this 2-1 setup.

This arm’s alignment is different from the rest. It can limit your actions and reduce productivity. The screens are placed side-by-side, with the laptop placed underneath them. This can cause discomfort. You can mount the product using either a c-clamp mount or a hole-type mount.


  • Extended hinges provide better protection for your laptop.
  • It can be used with many different sizes of devices.
  • These dual mounting options can be beneficial.
viozon Monitor and Laptop...
414 Reviews

AVLT Laptop and Monitor Long Pole Stand

AVLT’s monitor stands make it to the top because they meet all of our criteria! AVLT is a veteran in the home office market and has surpassed many well-known brands. The company’s most recent laptop and monitor stand are a testament to its market experience and flair.

You’re likely to have spent a lot on your current desk set up before you are looking for a stand. You’re looking for both reliability and flair. Well, AVLT doesn’t disappoint in either.

Monitor arms can support screens up to 32 pounds and 17.6 pounds, respectively, sufficient for most studios in the home or office. Any VESA-compatible, flat or curved, the monitor can be connected up to a height up to 23.6 inches. We were also happy to learn that the mount’s tilt and swivel function perfectly at maximum height.

Manufacturers might disagree, but we have observed that arm imbalances can be caused by adjusting monitors at their maximum height. We were happy to see that AVLT lived up to its promises.

The best laptop arm stand supports laptops up to 10lbs and 15.6-inch laptops. This covers most of the popular range. The laptop tray is heavy-duty and has a high-quality coating of film paint to protect it from scratches. Four anti-slip silicon pads are also included on the plate. Each arm can reach a maximum height of 23.6 inches.

AVLT is well-known for its aesthetics and durability products. This monitor stand follows that trend. This monitor stand has a thin-film coating that gives it a graceful appearance and protects it against scratches for a long period.

The arm of the monitor can be rotated up to 360 degrees. This clamp is also very ergonomic and offers tilt angles as well as a swivel.

Grommet mounting and c-clamp are options to mount the clamp on your desk. The clamp takes up only 3.1 inches of space and is barely visible. The package includes all mounting and installation tools.


  • This stand can support a variety of laptop and monitor sizes.
  • This stand is ergonomically and efficiently designed with additional rotation and swivel angles.
  • Mounting is small and reliable.
  • Beautiful design and aesthetics
  • Cable management is included


  • Although a little is more expensive, they are still a great value.
AVLT Laptop and Monitor Long...
267 Reviews


This mount is among the most impressive you’ll ever find. This is our top pick overall because it offers a lot of utility for a low price. The 2-in-1 dual-arm mount can fit most monitors and screens. This stand makes it easier to use.

You can adjust the height, angle, and length to give you more flexibility. This stand is the best looking.

To increase strength and extend its life expectancy, the aluminum alloy was used. The laptop tray can accommodate laptops from 12-inches up to 17-inches in size. The laptop brackets and the monitor can be rotated 360 degrees. The arm can support a weight of 19.8 pounds. Therefore, the monitor and laptop can be combined.

C-Clamp mounting allows you to adjust the position and thickness of the clip. The cable management system stores all wires within the slide cover, making the table look neat. This product is strong and will hold your devices securely.


  • The monitor arm’s construction is strong and long-lasting.
  • Additional hatches are available to protect your laptop.
  • It is stylish and modern.
  • Cable management is a great system.
  • You can adjust the height of your monitor arm.


  • The product is often a little heavy, so the stands tend to tilt with time.
viozon Monitor and Laptop...
3,666 Reviews

VIVO Monitor Stand

Vivo is a brand that makes specialized equipment for every type of workplace. This product is an excellent buy because it’s affordable. The monitor arm comes with a laptop tray and is highly affordable.

This monitor arm will allow you to have full articulation. You can tilt the adjustable arm from +15-degrees up to -15 degrees. It also allows for 360-degree rotation. The center pole has a height adjustment that allows you to fix the monitor in the desired position.

Mounting is made easier by the removable VESA plates. The equipment comes with all the accessories and tools needed. This mount is perfect for gamers, whether you use it at work or just for fun. The entire structure offers a great advantage to the user.

Cable clips are a great way to keep power cables out of sight. This product is also available with dual mounting options. This product is fantastic and should be on your shopping list if you have a limited budget.


  • It can support larger monitors and laptops.
  • Manufacturers offer a 3-year warranty.
  • The mount’s structure and construction are durable.
  • This product is very affordable.
  • Ventilation is provided for the laptop tray.


  • This monitor arm is not easy to install.
VIVO Black Fully Adjustable 13...
1,772 Reviews

Huanuo Monitor Mount

The Huanuo stand is the most affordable product on the market. The Huanuo stand is very efficient and has many notable features. An excellent stand must not only be strong but also protect your laptops and monitors. The Huanuo stand has both safety and strength and should be placed at your desk.

There is a limitation to the laptop tray’s size. This product can be used with laptops that measure 15.6 inches. You might want to consider buying a larger one. The Huanao mount can be adjusted, rearranged, and aligned according to the user’s needs. This mount supports full height and motion adjustment.

Two options exist for mounting, both common and different. The c-clamp can be used to attach edges smaller than 4.1 inches. Grommet mounting bases can only be attached up to 2.95 inches thick.


  • It is a high-quality structure.
  • The VESA mounting base simplifies the task.
  • It is affordable.
  • It offers safe mounting options to your hardware.


  • It isn’t easy to adjust the arms.
HUANUO Monitor and Laptop...
7,985 Reviews

Wali Single LCD Monitor Desk Mount

It is one of the most affordable arms. It is compatible with Vesa compatible screens and can accommodate 17-inch laptops. The tray has holes that allow heat to escape. There is a large stand in the front that holds the laptop in place. The laptop tray can tilt 15 degrees, while the monitor arm adjusts easily.

You can adjust the height and display at will. You can rotate the monitor in portrait mode, just like other arms. It’s a budget monitor arm so you won’t find the many cable management clips associated with premium monitor arms. The cable routing clip is the only one that can be used to connect to the monitor.

You can use cable clips or ties to attach more. The bundle includes a C-Clamp, a Grommet-base of 4-inch diameter for locking the arm’s base.

The Wali monitor arm has a sturdy build and is well-made. The installation instructions are straightforward to follow.

Its build quality and value for money are what users love about it. Fakespot estimates that 70.0% are trustworthy and reliable.

You can only make a compromise on the laptop tray’s flexibility.

WALI Laptop and Monitor Mount...
2,058 Reviews

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Monitor Arm With Laptop Stand FAQs

Where can I attach the monitor arm mount to my desk?

There are two options for attaching your desk to your workstation. To attach the mount to your desk, you can either use a grommet or a c clamp. C-clamps are easier to use because you don’t have to drill holes. C-clamps require a desk with a deep lip to attach the mount.

Grommet mounting is an option if your desk does not support a clamp. To attach the grommet to your desk, you will need to make a hole. There are a few desks that can be used to make a grommet hole. A few mounts are even available with a universal mounting system that knocks out both grommet or c-clamp.

Do I need additional accessories?

If your laptop and monitor are raised, the cables and wires that run through them will become visible and make it look messy. A cable management system is a good idea to avoid cluttering your cables.

A keyboard tray is essential for untroubled work. A keyboard tray will allow you to have your mouse and keyboard at the right height for easy operation.


That’s our review of Monitor Arm With Laptop Stand. You will quickly realize the space and health benefits of a monitor arm with a laptop stand, no matter what model you choose.

Hopefully, this article will make your choice a lot easier. With a little more research and a higher budget, you can find a product that will suit your needs.

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