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Laptops are very prone to slipping and sliding when placed on many tables and desks. This is because the surface of the desk lacks traction to support the weight of the laptops. If you experience this, consider using a BoYata laptop stands.

The Boyata Laptop Stand is an adjustable stand designed to hold your laptops at the right height for typing. The stand has two rotating joints that allow you to adjust the screen vertically and horizontally, and it also helps you avoid having to hunch over your desk. Read on to find out if this stand lives up to its claims.

About Boyata

About Boyata

Boyata company was founded in 2017 and produces various products, including smartphone stands, laptop stands, and wireless keyboards. Boyata is best known for its range of laptops holder and stands, including adjustable, non-adjustable, and vertical stands.

This review will focus on the Boyata Multi-Angle Stand, which is adjustable and has a heat vent.

Boyata Laptop Stand

Boyata Laptop Stand (3)

Pros and Cons


  • Laptop stands is adjustable (0-45 degrees)
  • Compatible with all laptops measuring between 11 and 17 inches
  • When in use, it is sturdy
  • Anti-scratch padding
  • Anti-slip base
  • Attractive design
  • 5-star customer reviews
  • Excellent price


  • Due to their size and weight, they are only suitable for occasional travel.

Boyata Multi-Angle Laptop stands Specifications.

Boyata Multi-Angle Laptop stands Specifications.

The Boyata holder can be adjusted to provide a wide range of levels of elevation. The angle can be adjusted from flat (0°) to 45°. For ergonomics, we found that a 30-degree elevation was ideal. This ensured that the laptops screen was at eye level.

This stand can be used with laptops between 11 and 17 inches in width. This gives the BoYata a wide compatibility range. It is compatible with many common models, including Surface Laptops, MacBook Pro / Air, Surface Laptops, and Surface Laptops. Your device should fit within the 17-inch limit. For a complete list, visit the official website.

The stand weighs in at 1.35kg.

Boyata Laptop Stands Features

Boyata Laptop Stands Features

Boyata Multi-Angle Holder is made of brushed aluminum and will look great in any setting. Silver is the most popular, but it’s also available in space gray, pink, and gold. Many colors match specific iPhone color wave options.

The heat-vent is what makes the multi-angle stand popular among the other BoYata stands. It allows for natural airflow from any laptop’s bottom. The vent hole for air is beautiful and oval. The material aluminum is well-known for its ability to absorb and discharge heat, so overheating is not a concern.

Every aspect of the stand is meticulously designed. The base of the stand is fitted with anti-slip silicon pads to stop it from moving while in use. The table also has padded hooks that will hold your laptops in place. These are very effective at preventing scratches. The table also has four padding to keep your laptops secure.

The stand can be collapsed flat, as mentioned. Because it is too heavy and oversized, the BoYata was not designed for frequent travel. However, it is acceptable for occasional travel.

The Boyata stand can be used with any laptops between 11 and 17 inches. This is a great range.

How To Use?

How To Use

The Boyata laptop riser comes flat out of its box when you open it. No assembly is required. You can adjust both the hinges, which have a range of 0-45 degrees. Pull up on the place where your laptops will end up.

The hinges must support the weight of your laptops. They are a bit stiff, but not too bad. After the stands has been adjusted, tilt the holder down to achieve the ideal position.

Next, place your laptops. You can refine the angles once you are done. When seated, ensure that the laptops screen is at eye-line with your eyes.

If you don’t plan on using the stands for portable purposes, you can put it back in place after you’re done working. You don’t need to adjust the angles anymore.

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How do the Boyata Laptop Stands work?

This Laptop riser has two adjustable joints that allow you to adjust the screen vertically and horizontally, as well as tilt it at just the right angle for typing.

The stands also have an easy-to-reach cable management system, so you can keep your cables neat and tidy. For added convenience, the base is extremely lightweight, making it easy to carry around when not in use.

What is the weight limit of the BoYata Laptop Stands?

If you’re curious as to the weight limit of the BoYata Laptop holder, then we’ve got you covered. Boyata states that the max weight for this stand is 10lbs and it can hold devices ranging from 7 inches to 17 inches.

The Max weight the BoYata Stands can handle is 10 lbs. This means that it can hold up to smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices weighing up to 10 pounds.

In this case, you will find it most suited for your children or teens as they will likely be handling their devices on a daily basis.

How do I know if my laptop will fit on the BoYata Laptop Stand?

If you own a laptop, chances are, you also know the frustrations of trying to find an organized place to set it up. With the Boyata Laptop Stand, however, things can be much easier. You can find out if your laptop will fit on this stand by comparing the height of your laptop (or tablet) with the height of the Boyata, and see if it matches up.

Here are some measurements you can use to make sure your laptops (or tablet) will fit on the Boyata. The exact distance between the bottom of the laptop’s feet and the surface of the BoYata should be 9″ or less.

The exact width of the laptop’s screen should be 12.5″ or less. Your case may also have to fit around the center column, depending on the depth of your laptops.

If you have a bigger laptop, be sure to add the width of your case. The additional height should add up to 2″ or less.

The exact thickness of your laptops should be 1.5″.

The exact height of your laptops should be no more than 8.5″.


That’s our review of the Boyata Laptop Stands. I hope you can buy this laptop stand which is cheap, handy and useful. It’s good for your health especially if you use it in the office because it will help you relieve neck pain.

Thanks for reading. If you have any other questions, please leave them in the comment box below.


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