Dorm Room Checklist: Don't forget student ergonomics!

Dorm Room Checklist: Don't forget student ergonomics!

In addition to all the other stuff you are going to need to equip a dorm room this fall, you really should consider adding a portable and collapsible laptop stand that can double as a quick standing work station.

You've no doubt heard of the "Freshman 15".  That's just part of the problem with the sedentary student lifestyle.  You can combat the long sitting with occasionally standing while you read some research or write emails to classmates.  The Crane Stand can lift your laptop up to 13" from a standard dorm table or desk, making a perfect quick standing solution.

Neck and shoulder pain and long term spinal effects are a more serious problem that develop as you spend longer and longer hours on the computer.  This article citing an medical professionals' concerns for young people using laptops for intensive study ought to set off alarm bells for anyone in high school or at university pursuing a degree.  It may not seem like a big deal at first, but we've talked to juniors and seniors in Physical Therapy programs around the country and we consistently hear that by the 3rd year especially, things are getting pretty painful.  That's probably why so many of them get our stands at the industry shows where we meet them.

The best thing about the Crane Stand is that it folds up and slips into a tight 1.5 inch space, making very small demands on your already overcrowded new living space.

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