Crane Reseller Profile: West Seattle Computers

Crane Reseller Profile: West Seattle Computers

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West Seattle Computers is a local computer shop serving the needs of the residents of West Seattle, perched above Puget Sound in the heart of the California Ave commercial district.  Eric Tishkoff, owner of West Seattle Computers, has been offering Crane Hardware laptop stands since 2015 and has been a great partner for Crane.  

One of Eric's keys to success is offering a curated selection of products that are positioned as best in class solutions for discerning tech consumers.  He feels that his loyal customers are coming to West Seattle Computer for expertise, and that reliance is not limited to technical aspects of keeping their hardware working in top form but also for information on how best to craft a user environment.  Ergonomics, audio quality and other aspects of the work environment are part of the portfolio of expertise you can expect at West Seattle Computer.

Eric Tishkoff, West Seattle Computer owner and Crane Hardware Laptop Stand dealer

Eric has been and continues to be a great collaborator for Crane as we push forward with our ergonomics dealer development.  He was the first of our commercial partners to test out the wholesale purchasing on our website, and we are grateful for his willingness to be our wholesale buyer beta tester.  Fortunately for us all, Eric described the experience as a "very easy order/ checkout process".

Thanks to dealers like Eric and West Seattle Computer, Crane Hardware is growing our business worldwide serving the needs of mobile tech professionals.  If you are interested in becoming one of our dealers, please contact us to learn more.