Comparing Aluminum to Steel laptop stands

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Comparing Aluminum to Steel laptop stands

We get a lot of questions about the differences in our laptop stands and standing work station solutions for mobile professionals, and selecting the one that is right for you is something we want to help make easier.  Crane Hardware laptop stands are durable, and our customers from 2008 are still using the stands they bought then, so this is a decision that you'll want to get right.

The principal difference between our CV3 and our CV2 and CV5 models is the metal, and some of the manufacturing processes we use to produce the stands.  Let's talk about metal:

6061 Aluminum makes great laptop stand material

Aluminum:  We use architectural grade aluminum that is valued for its high strength, and machinability.  This is the same stuff truck parts are made of and its serious stuff.  Probably our favorite aspect of the aluminum is that its strength is combined with light weight.  Since you are probably looking at this stand because you are a mobile professional, you need to cut the amount of weight going into your laptop bag or pack.  

The one thing that is tough to do is finish this aluminum in a wide range of colors.  We do produce accessory levers and knobs in a wide range of dipped colors, but for now, the CV2 and CV5 are like Henry Ford's original Model T:  You can have any color you want, as long as its black.

Carbon Steel:  We use carbon steel tubing with a fairly thick wall, which gives our CV3 laptop stand an unbelievably solid feel.  That solid feel comes with weight: The CV3 weighs just under 5 pounds, or 2.25 kilos.  Its definitely not going anywhere without a good nudge from someone.  We like that weight when we are putting our expensive laptops on top.  

The other characteristic we like about steel is the ability to finish it with paint, so we can offer a wide range of colors.  We ran a special order of colored stands in 2013, and again this year (2017) we will bring out a new pallet of colors.  From time to time we have had special orders of large quantities done in custom colors for customers and we like to hear about projects we can help bring to fruition.

Any questions?