The Crane Stand - Professional

The Crane Stand is the perfect solution when developing or revamping a workplace with ergonomics in mind. It doesn’t matter whether that workplace is at home, in a traditional office, or in the classroom, because this stand is so portable. Simply unfold the lightweight and sleek laptop stand and adjust your Crane Stand to a comfortable and ergonomically correct position. Place the laptop on its sturdy surface and instantly feel your posture improve. Never Hunch over a laptop flat on the table again. When not in use, the Crane Stand easily folds neatly away, and since it’s only one inch thick when folded, can be stored just about anywhere. Because it is easy to transport, you can take it from home to office or class on a daily basis. Your neck and back will thank you.

The Crane Stand is the highest quality adjustable laptop stand on the market. Adjustable and portable, the patented ergonomic 3-leg design allows for an infinite number of positions making the Crane Stand the most versatile and stable laptop stand on the market.


The Crane stand was designed with the highest quality standards in mind. The people behind the Crane Stand are DJs and musicians ourselves, and a few years back after surveying the marketplace we weren’t happy with the adjustable laptop stands available so we decided to build our own.