The Most Versatile Ergonomic Laptop Stand

Companies today have increasing numbers of workers using laptops and tablets for portable computing, The Crane Hardware line of ergonomic laptop stands and tablet stands offers effective ergonomic portable computing solutions that saves neck and back pain, and dollars.

The Crane Stand is the best solution for most ergonomic laptop stand problems. The fine adjustability of the angle at which your laptop sits allows users to maintain the proper angle for their unique height as recommended by OSHA’s Ergonomic Guidelines:

  • Head is level, or bent slightly forward, forward facing, and balanced. Generally it is in-line with the torso.
  • Elbows stay in close to the body and are bent between 90 and 120 degrees.

The height adjustment allows for use as a laptop standing desk as well, saving offices hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars when compared with other popular standing desk and standing workstation solutions.

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Avoid Hunching Over

The multi-angle adjustment of The Crane Stand models allow for ergonomic laptop use at the proper, eye-level angle, no matter what your desk situation. Both the elevate and Classic models allow for very fine adjustment of the angle at which the laptop sits. Avoid the familiar hunched over position, neck bent to see the screen below eye level:

Instead use an ergonomic laptop stand like The Crane Hardware line to achieve an eye-level screen height:

The Elevate Model

The toothed adjustment of the Elevate’s angle axles allows for precise adjustment while still allowing for a quick and easy changes.

The Classic Model

With tension knobs on both angle adjustments, the classic model can be adjusted so the laptop sits at any angle

Shop for the Elevate

Cost Effective Standing Desk Solution

The height adjustment of The Crane Hardware ergonomic laptop stand models allow for use as a standing desk, saving offices hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars when compared with other popular standing workstation solutions. The portability of the Crane Hardware line of ergonomic laptop stands offers an additional bonus over traditional standing desks by allowing employees to stand at virtually any desk or table while out of the office.

The Elevate Model

The telescoping adjustment of the Elevate’s legs extend the height over 15″ off the surface on which it is placed. This allows users up to and over 6 feet tall to effectively stand at relatively low desks or tables.

The Classic Model

The fixed leg height of the Classic model still allows users to adjust the working height of the laptop while still maintaining the OSHA-prescribed angles for viewing and elbow bend. By adjusting the angles of the stand on the top hinge and the bottom, and simply converting from the “C” to the “Z” position, the stand can be adjusted for varying heights.